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Note: This product is ideal for those travelling to destinations that require a Rapid Antigen Test for Entry. This product gives you the flexibility to test anytime you like, in the convenience of your own home, hotel, etc. 

Take the stress out of finding testing services wherever you are, and have the freedom to test at any place and at anytime. Travel documents will be sent right to you shortly after testing yourself. You can use this product to depart Canada and re-enter Canada, whenever you like.

Example: You will purchase this product, pick-up your Rapid Antigen Kit at our Edmonton location and take this with you on your travels. You will then simply book a virtual appointment with one of our nurses using the link below when you are wanting to return back into Canada. You will then perform the test yourself over video chat and have certified travel documents right to your email within 30-minutes that will allow you to re-enter Canada. It's that simple!

Important Note: If you plan on purchasing this product and using it the same day, you may not be able to schedule an appointment of limited availability. If you are departing within 24-hours, please purchase our regular Rapid Antigen product and get tested onsite for results within 15-30 minutes to your email.

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How this service works:

  1. Purchase your service online prior to arriving at our drive-thru line
  2. Arrive at our drive-thru site 
  3. Have your Order Number ready to show our nurse(s) upon arrival 
  4. Pick up your Rapid Antigen Kit
  5. Book a Virtual Appointment with us when you are wanting Travel Documents with that Rapid Antigen Kit
  6. Receive your Travel Documents via email within 30-minutes
  7. There will be a link that is provided in your confirmation email that will allow you to book a time to schedule your remote tele-test. Alternatively, the link is also provided below.

Book your video call here 


Other Notes:

• Request a quote for groups larger than 10 -

• This Test is Valid for Departing and/or Returning into Canada

• Your test results will not be valid without the guidance of our trained professionals

• Due to sanitary and sterile reasons, there will be no refunds on this product once we have given you the Rapid Antigen Kit.

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Just pay online and drive-through.